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A Top-down perspective game called Breach was released by Artronic Limited in the year 1987. Play it online now.

Breach description

Futuristic turn-based tactical strategy game with some RPG elements, the first part of the trilogy.

The plot, surprisingly for such games, almost covered, so to distract him we will not. However, it is known that the action takes place in the world Omnitrend – the same where the action space of the novels Rules of Engagement. Although there is a plot, too, never was a strong point.

Only ten missions, together, they, apparently, are not connected, there is a editor to create your own maps. Essence of the mission to perform specific tasks in the futuristic surroundings: we play for a small platoon of space Marines, who freed the hostages, eliminate the rebels, steal the secret documents and perform other dangerous tasks. Typically fighters under our control only five. The game is very high the role of detachment commander.

Free to move around nobody will give you one of the most important characteristics of each fighter are available "moving points" that determine how many steps it can move. Initially each team member has some kind of weapon and equipment, but a lot of what you can find during the mission: as weapons (bombs, grenades, rockets, and so on), and just useful things (scanners, armor, first aid kits). It should also be noted the strong difference of each card from the previous and quite a complex architecture levels: we have to fight on the surface of planets or inside buildings, premises which are connected by stairs and elevators.

The special role of the commander referred to above is not accidental: it is, in fact, is a player, but he can accumulate some experience, rolling with him from mission to mission, and only he is a regular soldier - other soldiers are always new "handout" for each mission. The experience of a commander sold for the account of each successfully completed assignment (one and the same mission, by the way, you can go with different results, even if you win). Please note – the game is monstrously cruel: if the squad leader dies, the game immediately ends, moreover, are destroyed (it is destroyed – erased) all the achievements you have achieved with this leader, so would have to replay from the beginning and with a "green" commander without any experience. The gameplay here is also complicated, a lot of enemies, to die is worth nothing, so keep the commander at any cost. However, should mentally prepare for the fact that through it will be very hard.

Graphically, the game is probably many seem more than average (even for a year out), but as for me – for games such graphics and great. View almost completely from the top, figures conditional, the portrayal of the environment is minimal – but it is the only benefit, because it allows you to concentrate on tactical planning of the operation. All fans of this kind of games (especially missed the truly "hardcore") – highly recommended.

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