Breach 2 cover
Breach 2 xgame front cover

Breach 2

Impressions Games developed a DOS game in the year 1990 called Breach 2. In the video game ranking, this game ruled the charts for a very long time. You can now play it again online by clicking here.

Breach 2 description

The second part of the trilogy, Breach is actually the same first part but with better graphics and one interesting feature that more was never repeated in the games.

The essence of the games in the series Breach described in the review of the first part – step by step manage a small detachment of space Marines, perform complex and incoherent tasks for the successful execution of the mission commander (only) gains experience (the better the assignment, the more experience). There's a scenario editor.

Interestingly another – Breach 2 for the first time in the history of the games made so-called "Interlocking Game System" with the first game of the novels Rules of Engagement, that is, these games can be combined (!!!) and play something pre-emptive series of Total War, when global space-the map order, for example, to land on the enemy planet or ship, and then lead directly to the battle (albeit in increments).

The graphics have really color (though largely still conditional), the prospect of a review could be called isometric. Recommended to fans of the first part first, the rest, in my opinion, to experience a series the first part is enough, because the second almost nothing from it differs, and clearly was created as a unique bonus for the aforementioned novels based global strategies.

Do you want to play Breach 2 online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Breach 2 online.