Bolera screenshot #1
Screenshot #1


The famous developer Ediciones Manali created Bolera in the year 1992. It’s a perfect Sports game and can be played online by clicking here.

Bolera description

Raritetnye Spanish bowling simulator - formally quite simple but very interesting implemented.

The game screen is divided into two parts: at the bottom you can see the process of installation of pins on the track and future actions that will occur with them, with the first person. In the upper part of the same track, but only with the top view and is divided into three horizontal lines. Once the pins are installed at the top of the screen starts to move up-down arrow, and after a few seconds the player appears on the left, tossing ball (also from top view). Your task - to press the button throwing the ball at the exact moment when a moving arrow will be in the center of Central features of the track (i.e. not on the edge, and in its center), then get to knock all the pins.

Graphics, like most games from Ediciones Manali, - CGA only, but (also as usual) with a very high-quality rendering what little you can see in this game. Of course, like all simulations of bowling, it's pretty simple, but fun and has a huge collector's value thing.

Now, play Bolera online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.



Ediciones Manali
Ediciones Manali