BoBo screenshot #1
Screenshot #1


BoBo, a top-notch Arcade game was developed by Infogrames in the year 1988. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

BoBo description

A fun arcade game with some elements of quest and puzzle, about the troubled life of a cheerful thief, BoBo in jail. The poor (but not optimistic) it is necessary to perform a variety of tasks, including peeling potatoes, pouring soup, and even help your friends escape – six different situations. Management here is pretty simple – only the cursor keys (right and left arrows to move the lower arrow to take the subject, the upper release). To undergo the entire game as a whole not necessarily – you can immediately download any of the six mini-games.

The first game (possibly the hardest) – casting soup to the prisoners. It is necessary to go around the table and using a ladle to pour them in the soup dish, trying to make sure that they were full. Also, prisoners often ask for seconds, so you need to get to a large saucepan for a new portion before they eat first. The more bowls of soup, pour – the higher the score.

Next game – potato peeler. You need to take the potatoes completely clean and then throw in the VAT. One should clean carefully and completely – if the husk is left, then this doesn't count potatoes (the more potatoes clear – the higher the score). The interesting thing here is that you need to clean more quickly, as new potatoes are coming out of a pipe.

Next is the fun game, help the prisoners escape. The prisoners jump out of the prison Windows, and BoBo is waiting for them at the bottom with a trampoline. His task – to have time to drag the trampoline to the window from which to jump next convict to hitting him, could fly over prison walls. If you do not make prisoner broken on the ground. The more prisoners are rescued the higher the score.

Then begins the worst – BoBo own escape from prison, which is a much more complicated way than those whom he helped - in lines. Wire electrified, so the task is not to touch them. Apparently, this level (that is, to escape) is impossible – score based on how long we'll be able to hold out.

Finally, the last game – the life of BoBo in the cell where the other prisoners snoring, preventing him from sleeping. The challenge here is to sing them lullabies (!), while gently pacing the cell, trying not to Wake them up (and it is necessary to approach to everyone). Once all, continuing to sleep, stopped snoring, you need to go to bed myself. The score in this game depends on how long BoBo was able to sleep in silence (of course, to cease the snoring only for a while).

Graphics, like most arcade games of those years, drawn and quite colorful, although modelki characters, of course, fuzzy, but playing it does not bother. Overall – unusual, interesting and moderately challenging game, not too dynamic, but even more fun.

Play your all-time favorite BoBo free on your browser here.