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Blood Bowl

Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Blood Bowl again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1995 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

Blood Bowl description

Very unusual concept of the game is turn - based sports strategy dedicated to American football in a fantasy world. Three teams of monsters, fiercely hating each other, fighting for the title.

To control directly the course of the match is impossible, but you can plan tactics and placement. Also available the development of the abilities of the monsters, the players and - attention! - bribe the referee.

Perhaps the main feature of the game is the uniqueness of what is happening on the screen, nothing like in those days PC was not exactly. Other aspects of the game - graphics, sound is good, but fade into the background of the original.

To recommend that the game is first and foremost to fans of turn-based strategy games, not sports games, and primarily for those looking for something new in the genre and is ready to have difficulties in development because the game is not easy in terms of passing.

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Blood Bowl

Sports, Strategy/Tactics
MicroLeague Interactive Software
Destiny Software Productions, Inc.