Blockout cover
Blockout game front cover


California Dreams developed a Falling Block Puzzle game in the year 1989 called Blockout. You can play it online now.

Blockout description

BlockOut is a game for those who want to develop their spatial imagination and abstract thinking. This is a puzzle from the category of good old Tetris. You are only playing in two and three dimensions. Imagine a tetrahedral "glass" that you see above. Slowly at first and as you gain points faster, this "glass" fall a variety of figures, formed out of cubes. As you've probably guessed, the glass needs to be filled with figures evenly, without holes and gaps. Once the layer is completely filled, it burns, giving you points. Figures can be moved throughout the volume of the "Cup" and rotate around all three axes. The game has three levels of complexity: FLAT, BASIC and EXTENDED. In FLAT shapes simple and flat, just like in Tetris. In BASIC figures a little more complicated and are formed of no more than 4 cubes. EXTENDED – the most interesting level, where figures represent the intricate hybrids of 5 cubes. To move the pieces need arrows, and to rotate on axes Latin A, S, D. the Reset figures down – Space. Wishing to get into the Hall Of Fame games can advice to accumulate in several layers, and then simultaneously to burn them (this significantly increases the number of points). Well, if you thread the needle to reset all the layers to see only clean the bottom of the "Cup", will see himself the leader of the rating.

The game has a nice appearance and does not cause fatigue excessive graphic effects.

Relive your old memories by playing Blockout free and online on your browser now.



California Dreams, Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group
Falling Block Puzzle