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Block Out

In the year 1989, Block Out was launched by P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group, a top-notch Puzzle game with an amazing and engaging Falling Block Puzzle gameplay. Click here to play it online.

Block Out description

Original puzzle with vague rules (largely due to the fact that they never explain) and the ability to simultaneously play up to four people (in the absence of live opponents them quite successfully replaces the computer). On the playing field are thirteen grey columns, which players will fill out, take turns making moves. Each participant is given four square block differing in both color and depicted within them a pattern. You have to choose one of the blocks and put it in any of the columns. The next block can be put on top of the previous and so on until the column will not run out of disk space. Instead of spending a new unit is issued, with a random combination of pattern and color.

To win you need to score more points than the opponent. Points are awarded on quite a tricky circuit but there is one basic rule – the more your block is similar color and pattern on the blocks next to it, the more points it will give. For example, if you put a square on the empty space, then nothing earn. And if there is one square of the same color, the prize will be 15 points. If same-colored squares will be greater the result will increase. And if you're lucky and match not only the color but also the pattern, the number of earned points could easily pass for a hundred. The strategic element is enhanced by the fact that each player is known not only for its own set of squares, but the units issued at the hands of rivals. With proper care this allows you to control the game and gain an advantage. Of course, nobody forbids to deprive the enemy of the best combinations, putting their blocks on prepared positions.

Of other interesting features there is a team game, and, as in single-player mode, you can play in a pair with a human or a computer. The moves still occur at a time, however, in this mode two players work on a common pool of points.

Block Out – a very serious puzzle, which is not a little fascinated at the expense of their opportunities and space. The game allowed fans to think and craftsmen combining to N moves ahead.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Block Out online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.


Block Out

California Dreams, Rainbow Arts Software GmbH
P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group
Falling Block Puzzle