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Blind Wars

In 1992 Soleau Software, Inc. released Blind Wars, a very interesting Strategy/Tactics game. Play it online by clicking here.

Blind Wars description

Another variation of the RISK Board game, simple as a penny, but no less interesting and addictive.

Traditionally Soleau Software does not spoil the players excessive "bells and whistles" in the form of a plot, videos, soundtrack, instead you are offered a bare game mechanics. It's simple: four players (it can be both real people and computer) are waging a war on the map, divided into 77 districts, the goal is to grab all the land. Each side (for convenience they are marked with different colors) does the course take turns; who first starts the game is determined randomly. Game moves are divided into two phases: the first is the distribution of reinforcements controlled territory; the second is what action, the movement of troops across regions and attack (don't forget that the rules of RISK you can only attack your nearby areas). If it ended successfully for you, then join enemy territory to your own, if not you lose the region, and moves to the next player.

The main feature (which was in the title) – ability to keep fighting blindly, that is, you do not see the army and the enemy's actions exactly as long as you don't attack him. However, in the beginning of the game this option can be disabled and you will receive a regular RISK.

Summary: if you like simple and uncomplicated game where you are not required to study a multipage user manual and wait for half an hour, when at last the end of another movie scene, I strongly recommend to pay attention to Blind Wars.

Now, play Blind Wars online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Blind Wars

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