Bert and the Snake Title screen
Title screen

Bert and the Snake

With many different features and various levels, Bert and the Snake released in 1983 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

Bert and the Snake description

In 1982, one of the hit game was Q*bert, which was released on many platforms and get to the IBM-PC only two years later. And it is not only late, but lost presentation: PC-version lost to other platforms in terms of graphics. But the legend round chabotc on the legs was. And, of course, savvy developers under DOS, hastened to give the users of this platform to play such a wonderful game (and not to hustle money on the clones of the popular games like you would think). In 1983, Orion Software launches J-Bird, keeping the mechanics of the original, but replacing the models of the enemies and the main character in some big-nosed turnip on legs (for a bird is by no means similar) and the Sierra releases of Mr. Cool, something obscure with nagalim brick as the hero (but not because of greed!) and not very similar to the original. And in the same year appeared our hero - Bert and the Snake is also a clone of Q*Bert and, almost, and not hide it.

The essence of the game is to repaint the blocks steps of a small pyramid through vigorous jumping on them and ignoring the hostile elements, in this case, the title snakes and periodically falling fruit, which can fold down as a hero, which would mean the loss of one of three lives, and a snake that will bring bonus points. But the threat of being eaten - not the only trouble that can deliver the opponents, as their movements through the blocks of the pyramid, they repainted them back, but to move on to the next level, you need to repaint everything in the right color! And the more you move the player, the more interference in his way.

In the end we have a worthy clone of the famous game, which probably was the first acquaintance PC players with such a landmark product of the gaming industry.

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Bert and the Snake

Bill Piazza