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Battle Master

Want to play your all-time favorite Battle Master online, which was released by Personal Software Services in the year 1991? Click here to play.

Battle Master description

A wonderful fantasy strategy with RPG elements in real time.

The important thing is that it pleases, we can finally choose a race to their liking. To our services evil orcs, elves, dwarfs and are not interesting people. We appear in the game in the form of a commander who must choose a class (warrior, Archer, mage and so on). It has its own list of characteristics, increasing over time (their value will largely affect the outcome of battles), and inventory, as in addition to the battles in the game you can sometimes find artifacts that will enhance certain abilities of our hero.

The game is, as already stated, occurs entirely in real time – no moves and strategic planning, only instant tactical decisions. Wins for the most part, whoever had the larger army and the stronger types of units, but some orders, in addition to the simple "attack" there. For example, you can order his troops to flee or to fall into one of the available formations.

The game also has a trade – its implementation requires special units – merchants. There is a special screen talks, where you can not only negotiate a global world (albeit temporarily), but also to gain the enemy army the right of passage across a bridge or mountain pass. In General, this game is a lot of blood, a lot of battles and a lot of betrayal, everything is bought and sold, but for some reason it looks extremely funny.

Graphics for the genre is phenomenal. Views of the battlefield in an isometric view, of course not literally nothing: each unit is drawn in detail, each location is decorated so that it seems almost real: trees neatly in the woods, traced down to the brick walls of the dungeons... the fights will take place in the most exotic places, and the game certainly will not be bored. It is worth noting, and more than intuitive and friendly management – and it is done with the keyboard, but about it we will talk already in the main menu, so no problems and the game should arise.

Verdict – a rare example of the old "arcade" strategy. Fans serious step-by-step examples of the genre may be dissatisfied with the numerous simplifications made in the game, but who says strategy can't be made for entertainment not for the inquiring mind and heart? In my opinion – a great and original game, which is any once it started working, because to play very objectively and very nice..

Enjoy playing Battle Master online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Battle Master

Action, Strategy/Tactics
Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Personal Software Services