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Barbie – Super Model

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Barbie – Super Model description

Barbie Super Model is a kind of simulation of a star of the podium, which was published, first, PC second, for platform Super Nintendo. The story of the game is simple: Barbie wants to make a career model in Hollywood, but the player must be applied to this case a certain amount of effort to have the newly made model, all was as it should. Barbie need to learn to walk the runway, so it does not hit face in the dirt in front of cheering crowd for the final show and choose her outfits and cosmetics. All actions are designed in the form of mini-games. So, during the fashion show requires the player to press certain keys to Barbie, drifting down the runway, at the right time to fulfill one of the two available actions. Selection of clothes and cosmetics even less entertaining: you just need to decorate or paint the character in accordance with the image in the picture. That's all. For a good fit the tasks the game awards points.

Even the heroine from time to time there is a need to get the car from point A to point b, Cycling in the Park or roller skating along the beach. During these arcade inserts (very, incidentally, short) the player is required, first, to reach the destination in safe and sound, and secondly, to collect some lying on the road items.

After performing a set of specified action Barbie will have the chance to walk the runway in front of the cheering audience. Here, the player will have to recall the skills of pressing buttons in accordance with emerging at the bottom of the screen with arrows. That's basically the entire game.

Now a few words about how it looks and how it sounds. Looks, I must say, for 1993 is pretty good in a nice color scheme and neatly decorated figurines of characters and objects. Sounds seem too bad. Unlike other games about glam doll – Barbie - A Fun-filled Adventure, music there is, it is good and unobtrusive.

Summary. Games designed to advertise any products, nothing outstanding, generally are not. In the case of Barbie – Super Model developers at least tried to create something original, for that honor and praise them. Yes, the game is too simple, and the Arsenal of possible actions it was small, but, in General, got quite digestible product with a good graphic and sound design.

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Barbie – Super Model

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