Army Moves screenshot #1
Screenshot #1

Army Moves

A DOS game was developed by Dinamic Software and then released by Dinamic Software in 1989, the game was called Army Moves. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Army Moves description

The first part of the amazing arcade trilogy Moves – and, in my opinion, the best in terms of originality.

The plot of the game – apparently, we should overthrow a dictator in a tropical country. The game itself is divided into two major phases: first, we run different vehicles and make our way to the jungle, then, once there, run through the jungle (and then the Palace of the dictator) on his own two feet.

Game we start as a jeep, the challenge is to avoid the attacks of the other jeeps and helicopters from above. Then have to fly the plane to fight other planes and submarines at the bottom (this is all for four levels), and in the end – to successfully land.

Then the fun begins – fighting in the jungle as infantry. Here we first will interfere with a bird toucans (they scare the shot, so they took off and gave us a pass), but soon they will be replaced by soldiers of the General-dictator. The ultimate goal is to get to his Palace and steal the secret documents out. The second part includes three levels and can be downloaded from the menu separately, but this requires a password.

Graphics is only CGA (when you look at the versions from other platforms – can only sigh with regret), but even in this form the game is very attractive (and then you realize that this "faded" palette is very appropriate here). Verdict – considered lost and literally miraculously discovered early classic of the platform genre.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Army Moves online for free here.


Army Moves

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