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Are We There Yet?

A very interesting DOS game was released by Manley & Associates, Inc. in the year 1991. The game was called Are We There Yet?. You can now play it online.

Are We There Yet? description

Puzzle sort of educational orientation and with the conventional story: some fun American family travels to his native country, visiting all fifty States of the United States "as if" getting there in different situations, for which is required a conditional to help the player in solving a particular puzzle.

The puzzles include a variety of crossword puzzles, rebuses, charades, anagrams, mazes, mosaics and stuff like that; really a lot of mysteries, they are all different, and some are even quite difficult (of course, all this is in English); for their decision (that are marked in the diaries of the characters) are given a kind of "Souvenirs" - items that then need to solve the big final puzzle.

Cute colorful hand-drawn graphics and the desire of the authors of the game to put educational information in a fascinating form just add to the game quality, but still interesting it is likely to be only children.

Now, play Are We There Yet? online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Are We There Yet?

Electronic Arts, Inc.
Manley & Associates, Inc.
Side view, Text-based / Spreadsheet, Top-down
Word Construction