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Archon Ultra

Softgold Computerspiele GmbH released a DOS game named Archon Ultra in the year 1994. If you are interested in playing this Arcade online, then click here.

Archon Ultra description

The VGA version of the classic strategy of a decade ago. In addition to purely cosmetic changes are also available:
One new attack each unit (for example, Phoenix is now able to run their feathers as a kind of homing missiles, and the soldiers can block other people's shock shields); the addition of the "global spells" in the manner of King's Bounty or Heroes of Might and Magic and so on.

Plus the ability to control one of the players with the mouse, the ability to network games, and so on...
The rest is still the same great game with endless gameplay. Very, very picky about the chart tovarischi go to play in Dark Legions, or look for the game Holy War for the Sony Playstation, based on the same concept, but without the chess Board.

Do you want to play Archon Ultra online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Archon Ultra online.