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Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Aquaphobia again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1992 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

Aquaphobia description

Rare French arcade game in which you play as a diver and compete with other hostile divers and different marine animals and monsters in the depths of the sea. No plot, which is very pleasing.

Your weapon is underwater harpoon gun with a very good rate of fire and infinite ammunition, which is good considering the number of opponents and their endurance. Enemies are sharks and other large and small vicious fish, octopus, squid, sea snakes and some surreal creatures and, as already mentioned, the other divers. Any direct contact with any enemy instantly leads to death. Even at the bottom of the sea there are mines, which are beginning to rise, if you come near them (it is strongly not recommended).

A total of ten levels, each of them is a huge boss, which is a usually a giant fish, octopus, or somebody like that. Each of them looks completely different from the other, and I must admit, they look all funny. Besides looks, they differ also in type of attack (but always conduct long-range combat, is different than what they shoot) and health, no special tactics to defeat them is not necessary, the main thing – to shoot faster and manage to Dodge their charges; a particularly difficult battle with them, I would not call.

Although ammo harpoon arrows and boundless, the air supply is limited, and much. To replenish the supply of oxygen by collecting sea shells, that give the air bubbles, but the problem is not solved. To fully replenish the supply of air can just suddenly falling on top of a box with a bottle of oxygen, rare. Also in the game are non-hostile, small fish which can be killed to increase the final accounts, and treasure chests that serve as bonuses that can be both useful and harmful (there may be a bomb), to recognize it does not. Unfortunately, shells, and chests lie directly on the bottom, and often close to min. the Score is formed by receiving points for killing enemies; for every ten thousand points you are given one extra life. After death you respawn at the beginning of this level.

Limited air, so to speak, the "core" of this game. The further you went, the more be levels, respectively, to overcome them requires more air, but it is not. Box is guaranteed to appear after defeating boss (to start next level) and sometimes in the middle of the level. But even if this happens, it is not the fact that the box will fall right near you, that is, until it will have got a long way to go... And around the enemies, kill with a single blow, and the air is catastrophically quickly ends, and the fight with them, time often is not – because for some reason no air, our hero can not live a single second, one moment of hesitation – and all death. That is very often even with no one to fight and nothing to collect, but only to have time to swim and not suffocate, but there is also a pop-up mines...

Another interesting and, of course, significantly complicates the passing game a feature is that the structure of each of the ten levels is always completely random in everything except its size and the boss. That is, the number and kind of enemies, the bonuses, mines, obstacles, and other things, the presence or absence of additional boxes with air on each level will always be different. The first two levels are small in duration, and it seems to be like makes them the most simple, but it can happen that from the very beginning of the game you will have to deal with an army of octopi, snakes, sharks and divers, with almost no bonuses (and Vice versa, the last level, if we forget about its length, may be a relatively easy walk).

Control of the game is also interesting – you can move in many directions, including from different angles (though the speed of movement in any direction is always the same), but pressing two buttons simultaneously is impossible, so digital keyboard if not necessary, very desirable. Shooting is done with the Space. The graphics in the game for years output is weak and "simple" but, on the one hand, there are also bright and pleasing to the eye, with the other graphics due to the higher complexity of the game very quickly stop paying attention.

To summarize, we can say that Aquaphobia, never published outside of France and even there received extremely low scores, and now completely forgotten, after all, is of great interest for all fans of challenging arcades, especially for those who love really challenging games. Yes, it has many disadvantages, primarily the actual inability in many cases to fight with the enemies, but still of positive emotions to fans of difficult road game can deliver a lot.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Aquaphobia online for free here.



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