Animal Quest Title screen
Title screen

Animal Quest

The famous developer Alive Software developed a Educational game called Animal Quest in 1996. You can play this Side view perspective game online now.

Animal Quest description

Oriented for children educational game, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the functioning of food chains in nature.

Before a ecosystem in which the player will have to survive: forest, jungle, ocean and Savannah. Next is the choice of difficulty, which determines the species diversity of fauna. After you will decide directly with the animals that will manage: almost all hunters have to be avoided, and we all have food that needs to be fed.

The game itself is turn-based movement screens, divided into cells. The goal is to eat and live to return home. And there is an imbalance corresponding to the actual situation: the king of beasts, for example, play much easier than some rodent, which can devour and Fox, and owl, and a snake. It's hard to be small and non-poisonous.

Low complexity Animal Quest does not allow to recommend its adult player, but to show the game to the child is acceptable. And if the animals already all became clear, note as two drops of water similar Dinosaur Predators.

Relive your old memories by playing Animal Quest free and online on your browser now.


Animal Quest

Educational, Simulation
Alive Software
Alive Software
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