Advantage Tennis Title screen
Title screen

Advantage Tennis

Play Advantage Tennis, a very interesting Sports game, developed by Infogrames Europe SA in the year 1991 online on your browser right now.

Advantage Tennis description

Enough quality to make the game of tennis, to say which, unfortunately, not very much.

The game is third person from behind, to choose from – multiple game modes: training, separate meetings, for the whole season. Naturally, the most interesting is the last, because it has a chance to defeat the strongest racket of the world and become the champion. By itself, the gameplay is quite realistic, although challenging, the game can not be called.

Remarkable it in the first place so that the beauty of the graphics and attention to seemingly insignificant detail almost very close to the great tetralogy "TV Sports" from Cinemaware. The graphics are really just a miracle as well: characters and environment court can be drawn with very high accuracy, in addition, there is the ability to scale image, to such an extent that it will be possible to consider how realistic here, the simulated movement of the players during the match. Atmospheric and adds a camera, very well changing camera angles at the right time.

The game also has a huge number of beautiful hand-drawn panels dedicated to various moments in the life of our protagonist (arrival in one or another city for the competition, reading a newspaper page with a story about himself, the joy of victory and bitterness of defeat...). Verdict – an excellent old game of tennis, if not the best, then definitely one of the best (now, at least, certainly don't).

Relive your old memories by playing Advantage Tennis free and online on your browser now.


Advantage Tennis

Infogrames Europe SA
Infogrames Europe SA
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