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Do you get nostalgic when you hear the name “4x4 Team”? Don’t be sad, you can now play 4x4 Team, released by Infodisc in 1988 again online here.

4×4 Team description

A huge rarity – Spanish race jeep is not the smoothest road.

To say about this game, for all its wonderfulness, not so much. The third-person, no computer opponents – only the final track is full of obstacles (some stones or something, which is very easy to crash; also, pull off the road impossible), which you must overcome for some time (the less time needed the better the final score); after passing one will be different (just as there is more than enough).

Most of all in the game surprising graphics. Here we use the CGA palette, but in this case this solution is surprisingly good – the impression that the action takes place at night. The machine itself (which we can see in all its glory) is simply drawn with amazing diligence, and the most amazing – there are mountains and even the sky with beautiful clouds. One word – just a great old race, that will be opening (including due to extreme rarity) for all the lovers of old samples of this genre.

Now, play 4×4 Team online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

4×4 Team

Racing / Driving
Arcade, Vehicle Simulator