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4th and Inches

Not sure want to do on boring afternoons? Play 4th and Inches developed by Accolade, Inc. in the year 1988. It is an excellent Action game to kill your boring time and make it fun.

4th and Inches description

American football simulator medium level of confidence, one of the first simulation of this game on computers.

A choice of just two teams – the All-Pros and The Champs (it's hard to say there is or was such in reality), and create your own, alas, is impossible (you need a separate edition - Team Construction Disk). Before the match you can build a team from available players, each of which has a set of characteristics, you can control their actions on the field, giving orders on the application of specific techniques (but still – tactics, player-controlled, then only the most common), it is possible to decide when and how much will time-outs (that is, so short matches as in reality, there may not be), it is possible to substitute players during the match. As such there are no Championships, no detailed statistics of the matches, only the most General information.

There are three supported video card – Hercules, CGA, EGA, but even in the latter case, the model is not particularly clearly drawn and look quite blurred; the prospect of a review rather strange – in the "side of the isometric". Have the opportunity to play together on one computer. Overall – not bad, but pretty arcade sports game, and most importantly – not too clear domestic players due to the low popularity of American football; nevertheless, if you are interested to get acquainted with its rules in a fascinating way – it is quite suitable for this.

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame 4th and Inches online now and change your boring oold routine for good.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

4th and Inches

Action, Sports, Strategy/Tactics
Accolade, Inc.
Accolade, Inc.