Xtron screenshot #1
Screenshot #1


In 1991 Keypunch Software released Xtron, a very interesting Arcade game. Play it online by clicking here.

Xtron description

Xtron is one of the first clones of Space Invaders, which was released on PC in the same year that the port of the original. Minimum deviations from the original model of the warship and enemies changed (apparently, mainly, the authors were inspired by the items surrounding the workplace environment, so we compete with a variety of geometric shapes, red sobakami and other things; but on the first level we expect undisguised and spider veins, straight to you know where), the picture and colors are inferior to Super Space Invaders.

The gameplay also remains intact. We are in the role of the ship-patriot bottom of the screen fighting with numerous and varied inhabitants of the upper part of the screen, as a lot of them, and we are alone and, therefore, our war is sacred and just. Each hit the boat considers it a personal insult and leaves the field, but he is clearly very good-natured and not touchy as quickly returns to its original position. But there is a limit, and this can happen only five times, if not to increase the number of returns for the price of 10 thousand points apiece.

Next time you decide to play Space Invaders, run better Xtron: and horizons will expand (all the same game-the other), and play what they wanted.

Want to play Xtron online now, play it on your browser here.

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