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Wilderness: A Survival Adventure

Wilderness: A Survival Adventure is a Adventure game released by Titan Computer Products in 1986. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

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Be the first to be difficult, even if the first in everything and in form and in content. And it's not even that you can make mistakes and lose respect, not that you can fall victim to competitors, and that you just will not accept, "championship" will acquire quotes, because compared to corny nothing (or, at least, so it would seem). This is more than true in relation to games.

As is known, the so-called "simulation of survival", is a rare subspecies that s not action, not adventure, massive popularity and popularity have never used - Yes, such games is never very much and not released, because, as the saying goes, "an Amateur." Before you today is the first "survival simulator" in the history of computer games.

Yes, it is the first, the first. And the first to be difficult. Therefore, the plot of the game is technically (I would like to stress this) Oh so far to the originality of subsequent masterpieces on a local scale like Robinson's Requiem or Deus. Indeed, it fits almost in one sentence: pilot-traveler suffers a plane crash in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the winter (and as we all know, summer is not particularly warm). He was lucky, he not only survived, but has two gift: warm clothes and a topographical map of the area, showing the location of the hut of the caretaker - his only hope for survival. He just needs to find it and walk, otherwise is death. Just corny? In my opinion - far from it. Because the real cold and angry grizzly bear can be much scarier abstract disasters of distant planets.

The level of detail in the game is pleasantly surprising, and if you still remember the year of its release, it is even able to throw in a slight shock. Thus, the interface of the game consists of six (!) various screens. There is a "local" screen, which displays in full 3D (NO joke!) your current location; the "global" screen that represents the map in 2D projections, it is possible to try to determine its location relative to the number of objects; the screens physical condition, equipment, tips and direct tips (but for use of the last screen selected points).

The game is very interactive: you have to not only read but also to write, because almost all (!) commands require text input. Want to turn left? Write it. Miraculously found a pot? Write what it should take. Want to go forth for hours? Directly and write (by the way, when you move the view of "local" screen, of course, varies). The game understands several hundred (!) words and can combine them into a team, with the help of these words and expressions and you have to survive, and to survive in the snowy mountains Oh so hard. In order to describe such things as the killing of a bear, cooking him dinner and their own insulation jackets required a fair amount of imagination. But this is only one of many cases that have to do... will not only have to fix everything, but to seek and make a variety of tools, to hunt, to boil water (not forgetting the right temperature), to treat yourself in many different ways (to fix a broken leg may not fit all wood) to navigate by the stars at night and much, much more... But each of the things that you do or will find, has the weight to carry will not work and from too long a walk might get sick heart... With all due respect to the subsequent "simulator survival", none of them even comes close to that level of realism that can be seen here. All, perhaps, is no game at hand.

Graphics... it should say. I think there is something like "graphics not important"?.. Is a wonderful the game is wonderful in everything. Look at the date - 1986 year. Look at the graphics. And believe me, that neither the psychiatrist nor the sign of the cross is not needed - it is really schedule the time, to be exact - max or even a little more than what was then available. And let's not even talk about how clearly traced objects of the environment and how it uses colors - see for yourself.

Be the first to be difficult. And Wilderness just for them - those who are willing and able to be the first who don't care about the difficulties and dark rumors about the most difficult game ever created.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Wilderness: A Survival Adventure

Adventure, Simulation
Electric Transit, Inc.
Titan Computer Products
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