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The Smurfs

Click here to play The Smurfs, developed by Infogrames Multimedia SA in 1996. The game is a high quality Side view perspective game with an amazing Platform experience.

The Smurfs description

Smurfs - little blue gnomes, heroes of the comics by Belgian artist Peyo, invented more than half a century ago. Since then, these little three-inch pranksters gained worldwide popularity, especially thanks to the animated series from Hanna-Barbera, who even one time showed on our TV. No wonder about the Smurfs was made more than a dozen games as far back as 1982! But perhaps the most famous was the first Smurfs from Infogrames, created for home consoles in 1994. The PC game came out only 3 years later and therefore went almost unnoticed computer enthusiasts platformer. But the game turned out to be extremely high quality, and porting to PC was produced at an excellent level (the porting was requested, the company East Point - the one that was moved to DOS game Lion King).

The Smurfs is a classic console platformer, and that's it - play its not as short levels kompensiruet a lot of enemies and traps and a small number of health of the main character, a simple story that can be described in one sentence "Poor smurf has captured some of the villagers, and now your characters need to release them", and, of course, great graphics! Extremely smooth parallax scrolling is impressive, and combined with bright sprites and great animation great pleasure connoisseurs! The levels in the game are varied, though all located in the countryside close to the village of Smurfs. The game begins in the village, and even there, a restless people can be in a lot of trouble for our hero! What can we say about the further levels where the difficulty goes on increasing, if the forest is traversed without difficulty, the bridge and especially the Black Forest is a real headache! In the Black Forest, for example, all enemies in contact with our hero turning him into black Smurfs (the game ends). Fortunately, after completing a certain number of levels, we are given the password, and then do not have to start all over again. Very good levels in the second part, where our smurf travels on the lake, field and swamp.

Can long list dignity of this wonderful platformer, but I think it's redundant - it should just play.

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The Smurfs

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