The Castle of Dr. Malvado Title screen
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The Castle of Dr. Malvado

Your favorite game The Castle of Dr. Malvado which was developed by The Gamehouse Team in the year 2001 is now available online. Click here to play.

The Castle of Dr. Malvado description

This is a short platformer originally from Spain originally appeared as a promotional game for the constructor of DIV Games Studios the same developer, and several years later began to spread separately.

We have to play for the boy in wearing a backwards red baseball cap, which somehow was in Dreamland, ironiziruet specified in the title doctor. To his castle to Wade through all three levels. On your way will stand a variety of aggressive-minded representatives of the forest fauna, contact with which is fatal, – still it is a Spanish game. If you fail all four governments since the beginning of time, it will have to start all over again. However, passage is facilitated by the fact that after the loss of one life though will have to run again from the beginning of the level, but all the defeated enemies do not appear, moreover, to delay the end of help and bonuses and the points accumulated for a certain number of which give something nice.

Unfortunately, for a full game The Castle of Dr. Malvado is too short that does not mean that its so easy to pass: despite some concessions, the difficulty is not low. But to ignore such a sweet thing, besides, with such beautiful graphics, fans of platformers is strongly discouraged. Not every day is a nice unknown from the past.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play The Castle of Dr. Malvado online for free here.


The Castle of Dr. Malvado

The Gamehouse Team
Hammer Technologies
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Arcade, Platform