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Space Dude

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The iconic arcade game with elements of strategy in which we as a Space Dudes, flying giribone (skateboard without wheels) must help to defend the Golden City from the hordes of whoppers, led by the king Dorf'om, which had the audacity to kidnap the Princess of this city. "Elements of strategy" lies in the choice of the nature of the missions – you can build a special base to destroy the enemies with their help, we can fight directly with them, it is possible to make a fighting game with Dorf'ohms.

But no matter what most of the time still have to fly on girabaldi over the planet, and must constantly Dodge from different rocks and stones. The sense of movement on the planet – the need to get to a certain point to continue the struggle with Dorf'ohms. As soon as a profit – starts battle with "bad guys" in one form or another. The types of these types not so much, but the entourage of dozens, so the game will not bother fans of the genre long after the start.

In many reviews after its release the game's graphics are praised, and rightly so – for the time graphics truly unique. But the highest score the game I would still put did not become: it is good, very good, but still it's just a collection of mini-games with a fair admixture is not healthy humor. Although the arcade genre in General, perhaps, is a "milestone" in history.

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Space Dude

Action, Strategy/Tactics
FormGen, Inc.
3rd-person (Other)