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SimEarth: The Living Planet

Remember playing your all-time favorite SimEarth: The Living Planet which was launched by Maxis Software Inc. in the year 1990? You can now play it online again here.

SimEarth: The Living Planet description

Global (in the truest sense of the word) old strategy that offers you to manage all aspects of the life of the entire planet for ten billion years. In the beginning of the game the planet is being formed, it has no life, in the end you have to send mankind to deep space. The choice, by the way, given a few planets are similar to Earth, and there are very different, so the game will be surely interesting. Before the game, you can also configure many other aspects – for example, climate or geological structure; it is also possible to start from a specific era (for example, what on the planet is single-celled life, and we encourage its evolution).

The basis of the gameplay is the production of energy. With the help of it you will be able to artificially cause earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters at first, if you want, for example, to change the face of the continents of the planet. And with the help of energy in the future, when there will be intelligent life will be able to fight hunger, disease and global warming. But energy is not much, and it must constantly be replaced. It should be noted that the game represented the planet as a whole, "body", if you will, so any decision taken in one area of activity necessarily how it would affect others.

If we try to characterize Simearth one sentence, it's "easy to manage, but very "ambitious" god-sim". On the one hand, the interface is much easier than in other similar games, with the other available field of activity is surprising in its scale: it is literally possible to "move mountains" and to do that miserable planet whatever you want. And made it all beautiful enough (especially considering the genre) chart.

Verdict – not great, but very good and exciting, lovers global strategies recommended.

Relive your old memories by playing SimEarth: The Living Planet free and online on your browser now.


SimEarth: The Living Planet

Educational, Simulation
Maxis Software Inc., Maxis UK Ltd., Ocean Software Ltd.
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