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A 1st-person perspective game called Red Baron was released by Kixx XL in the year 1990. Play it online now.

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During his meteoric career of the best ACE of the First world war, Manfred von Richthofen nicknamed "the Red Baron" became the indisputable symbol of the highest flying skills and air superiority. Where in the sky it appeared blood-red "Albatross" took place the fierce battle, and many victories von Richthofen inspired by the exploits of his colleagues and has earned him respect among opponents. Red Baron will give you the opportunity for your experience to know what thrill of air combat, and to join the military campaign as the Entente and the Central powers. Will you be a faithful ally of the red Baron, to join him to win the greatest victory? Or play against him once and for all dispel the image of the invincible ACE? In Red Baron, you can have both... but only for those who are not afraid to become one with his war machine and conquer the skies over Europe.

Starting a new career, you are free to choose not only the direction but also the time when your alter ego was called to the front. December 1915, October 1916, January 1918 – of course, the choice will affect the nature and purpose of the resulting missions. Starting the service as a private pilot in the squadron, you can, if successful, to climb high on the career ladder that will provide additional opportunities in the form of a request for transfer to another sector of the front, obtaining a private jet, notes in Newspapers and other pleasant advantages. The campaign mode provides a dozen different types of missions ranging from simple dogfights, escorts, the protection of land bases, tracking and destruction of airships, and many other tasks that comprise everyday life of the pilot. First you have to fly as a wingman, but as you grow in ranks you will get the opportunity to join a squadron, select weapons to subordinates and to give a series of commands in the air.

Air battles are the cornerstone of the Red Baron, and in this respect the game can only praise and praise. Each of the nearly three dozen presented in the game aircraft made in true 3D and has its own dashboard, and the models themselves are made so efficiently that they are never confused even in the confusion of battle. The main prospect in the game is the cockpit view, but you are free to turn your head left or right and see the tail or even put the camera outside the aircraft. Machines clearly obey commands, but if you're not careful piloting and sharp turns can start to get down and get out of control.

The game is friendly to newcomers and at the same time leaves the past fire and water to the veterans of the wide scope for action. This is achieved through detailed tuning of the complexity, redefining how the behavior of planes in the air, and the power and cunning of opponents. In addition to the standard settings, limiting supplies of fuel and ammunition, there is also something more interesting, like random jamming guns, the possibility of freezing of the carb and even turn on/off the sunlight. The aircraft provided and their vulnerable areas, which is greater, the lower the skill level of the enemy. Such an abundance of settings, greatly reducing the barrier to entry, however, allowing the game to remain interesting even after a long training and experience.

If you dedicate time through the campaign, you do not want in the game interface and a separate mission, the objectives of which can be chosen independently. And if you got bored and your dreams are honest aerial duel without outside interference, and such a mode in the game is. And opponent you can choose one of two dozen military's most renowned aces from both Germany and the UK. These fights are remembered for a long time!

Finally, for lovers of history provides an archive containing information about the great pilots and their planes. On the first you can read the facts from the biography, and the second twirl and as can be seen from all sides, at the same time acquainted with a summary of their strong and weak traits.

Red Baron will be a wonderful gift for all lovers of classic military aircraft and allow you to take a personal part in the most grandiose events of the past years. For the abundance of opportunities and a detailed combat mechanics, the game deserves the highest praise and high rating. The red Baron is waiting for faithful allies and worthy opponents, and if you belong to one of them, join us!

Alternative description. Author kreol.

Simulator dedicated to the events of the First world war. You can choose one of many real aircraft of the period, as well as the mission you want to do: destroy enemy airship dogfight, duel, one on one, and so on.

Present career element for the successful fulfillment you rise in rank.

Excellent (almost a "pseudo-3D") graphics for the time and the General dynamism of what is happening makes this simulator one of the best in the genre. Unfortunately, the second part was not so successful, and if we remember our its location... But let's not about sad. If you like historical simulation, if you like "aircraft-stack", you're in heaven, to do battle with the Red Baron!

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Red Baron online? And the best part, it is for free!


Red Baron

Kixx XL, Sierra On-Line, Inc., Wydawnictwo ProScript
Dynamix, Inc.