Pac-in-Time cover
Pac-in-Time game front cover


A Side view perspective game called Pac-in-Time was released by Mindscape, Inc. in the year 1994. Play it online now.

Pac-in-Time description

Another game of PAC-man, in which he appears as a character similar to Indiana Jones. Very similar to Fury of the Furries, but with a modified main character. The story itself is quite interesting: PAC-man lives happily with his family, but his happiness is jealous of a certain witch, which somewhere brings his wife and two children, and sends PAC-man back to 1975, and when you move it younger. Local residents under the influence of witchcraft, the witches have become hostile character, and besides – this world was sent to the well-known ghosts. In order to return home, the PAC-man will need to go through many levels and eventually find the castle time portal.

The game on the side, and, as has been said, it is a little similar to the previous game of PAC-man. To move to the next level you have to gather marbles; there are also four kinds of weapons with which to destroy enemies, some of them can be hidden at certain stages of the game. Control of the game is quite complex and the behavior of our bun, especially in moments of landing after jumps and standing on top of an incline, very unpredictable.

Graphically, the game looks very nice – in the best traditions of platformers in those years - and by itself, this complex and attractive, but still call it a real continuation of the adventures of PAC-man language is not rotated. Therefore it is better to consider it as an independent game without comparison to anything – and then the fun of the game will not be overshadowed by anything.

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Mindscape, Inc.
Atreid Concept SA
Side view
Arcade, Platform, Puzzle elements