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Play Jinxter online now. This game was released by Magnetic Scrolls in 1988 and has fantastic Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure gameplay.

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One of the best text quests with graphics of all time, considered absolute classics of the genre.

The action takes place in a very strange world under the name of Aquitaine (hardly relevant to the eponymous historical region in France) - he's a lot like a real and almost modern, but it was a place of magic and all kinds of fantastic for us beings, and the proper course of life of the people in it control the Guards with a fondness for sandwiches with cheese. Several centuries ago, this land raging fire, and tormented by the magic of the evil Green Witches until the good magician Turany did not create a special bracelet of luck to neutralize their excessive force and making them not particularly dangerous. However, not long ago, a witch named Gandar stole the bracelet, and separated from it good luck substance, dividing it into five parts, which hidden in different parts of the country, and the bracelet is put on your hand. And very soon, if unchecked, evil will return to Aquitaine in the fullness of its destructive power, which will condemn this world to a slow and painful death.

The player is to play the role of an ordinary citizen of Aquitaine, which is too gape, standing on the roadway before rushing at him in the bus. It would seem that his days are numbered, but no - at the last moment a man in a coat, literally by the collar, pulls him into the cabin. As it turned out, this is one of the Guardians who chose him - saved people - searches for all five parts of substance good luck, destruction Candor and its castle, and at the same time, and for the salvation of each protagonist by the name Ksem, who was kidnapped by the servants Candor the remaining witches. Formally, though, be prepared, high complexity of the game, to die in its entirety is impossible - in case of danger, the Guards will protect your life. However, do not enjoy this game - surreal-fantastic black Comedy, so the ending will surprise you, but hardly nice...

It must be said that Jinxter is really a classic and of such high quality that play it will certainly be interesting even to those who don't like text quests (but understanding the English on at least average level is still critically needed). Almost all control, as expected in Interactive Fiction, is done with the keyboard through typing certain commands; Jinxter different from most similar games because here you will have almost to talk to the game using its rich text parser, and print the whole sentences, not individual verbs or letters denoting directions, extremely many important details about the actions that you are going to do; there are quest items, and dialogue, all frequently visited locations and find the items are usually described in great detail and vividly. Please note that, as in most games from Magnetic Scrolls, a one-stage screens do not show the entire text of the current location, and to read it entirely, you will need to use scrolling. Assistance during the passage, you can get a HINT - but to sense from it a little, and by finding clues in the game came with the newspaper, without reference to where the game will be almost impossible.

Graphics - for the quest, as already mentioned, with graphics - here, "transition" from hand drawn to photorealistic, to say that she is beautiful is to understate what you see here, not only for external quality, and internal. Peaceful gardens, meadows with animals, houses Celtic view, quite modern carousel with horses or aristocratic interiors... And let it all completely non-interactively, and you need only to create atmosphere, but just since the last cope just great: it creates a wonderful feeling of being in absolutely unbelievable, UN-understandable world, where you feel a stranger, but where I want to be.

So: high complexity; ambiguous and sometimes black humour; relatively high demands on the knowledge of the language. However, it is a game that almost no one dared to criticize, which was released on almost all gaming platforms of its time and which still (!) consistently ranked first or one of the first places in all the "tops" of the genre IF. If you are not afraid of the three conditions mentioned above and if you haven't played, then perhaps it's time to join the imperishable classics of text adventures.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com