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IndyCar Racing

IndyCar Racing is a Racing / Driving game released by Papyrus Design Group, Inc. in 1993. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

IndyCar Racing description

Indycar (sometimes spelled "Indy car")
is a generic name used in auto racing
in the United States for a type of open wheel car.
Originally, the cars were generally referred to as
"Championship cars", but the genre''s fundamental
linkto the Indianapolis 500 derived the new name.

I think the epigraph is already becoming clear what kind of game to see, to seslichat and rukawat dared her to see gamer. Yes, it is a simulator racing "formula" type cars where in the United States of America are called "Indy". The theme of the most famous of these races – 25-mile-in in Indianapolis – has been revealed by the developers in their previous game the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar Racing so in this track we will not see. But see 8 (in version 1.05 – all 12)other tracks, not less worthy of attention. Half of them simple oval tracks, but the rest will have to work the wheel.

What is worth noting is the fact that all tracks, vehicles and names of drivers licensed. That is to ride we have on the track, "identical to natural" up to the location of advertising signs on the sides. And rivals will be not the John s Smith and s Vasily'and Pupkin's, and a very well-known Motorsport names – Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, Al Unser and others.

The gameplay is fairly traditional for the genre. Going, maneuvering, trying to overtake rivals and do not let them win. But the process did not drive arcade – if you try to just hold down the gas and periodically pulled up, it will not fit into the first turn. No, you need to actively work both gas and brake and feel the car. I was very unpleasantly surprised when you try to beat the opponent on the outer radius was the distance between his car and the fence line is less than the width of my car (although the eyes looked like there may even KrAZ slip). Turns out I just forgot that the rear track (which is not visible) is much wider than the front.

Still, the main highlight the right "formula" racing is a tremendous opportunity for setting up a machine. And I must say that the game contains this flavor to the fullest. For a start it is proposed to choose the chassis of the car (6различных variants) and the engine (5) that in General gives us 30 different machines. And then fine tune. So, bend your fingers: the opportunity to choose the fullness of the fuel tank before the race; pressure settings and the type of rubber for each tire; adjust the angles of the front and rear wing; separate adjustment of rigidity of each suspension; adjusts camber and toe; hand-setting gear ratios of the transmission in increments of 0.1 (this, of course, not so hardcore like in Burnout, where these parameters can be entered with hundredths, but too bad)... Perhaps by modern standards it's not such a wide range of settings. But for 1993, the year it was something. And most importantly – all of these settings in the game not for show in the feature list, they actually affect the behavior of the machine.

In conclusion, I will mention the graphics and sound. The main objects of the game – machines and elements of the track – made using vector graphics. For the angular shapes of the racing cars the decision fits perfectly. The sound is the same, in principle, performs its task – immersed in the atmosphere of earth. However, diversity does not spoil – the roar of the engine, squealing tires and occasionally the sound of blows.

Overall conclusion: if you need arcade pokatushki on race cars, then you've come to the wrong address. But fans of "formula" simulator definitely should familiarize yourself with the game, dabauvalle what was the beginning of the genre.

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