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Graeme Souness Soccer Manager

The famous developer Zeppelin Games Limited developed a Sports game called Graeme Souness Soccer Manager in 1993. You can play this 3rd-person (Other) perspective game online now.

Graeme Souness Soccer Manager description

Football Manager. The player acts as a Manager of one of the English teams in the Champions League (of their choice) and must bring it to the champion title within the season. Named after the famous Danish coach of the English teams.

The gameplay is hard to call massive: the game begins with a certain team, where each player has certain characteristics. The player's task is that to study the market, buying and selling players, evaluating their performance; there should be noted that in this game you can buy any player if you allow the money (that is, there is no way that he refused). Of course, you have to pay and the players themselves, but also to raise money by soliciting loans where possible. It is in this often is the main problem – where to take money and how to pay the players less.

Graphics in the game are, fortunately, quite a lot, will show even the matches themselves, though, let's say, very short (in which you personally participate can not). Overall – average standard old football Manager, which, however, due to its simplicity may well be appropriate for this area as "training grounds" for future development of more complex games like it.

Want to play Graeme Souness Soccer Manager online now, play it on your browser here.


Graeme Souness Soccer Manager

Zeppelin Games Limited
Zeppelin Games Limited
3rd-person (Other)
Managerial / Business Simulation