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Cool Spot

Cool Spot, a Side view perspective game was developed by Virgin Games, Ltd. in the year 1994. The Arcade is so rewarding that you will thank us later. Play it online now.

Cool Spot description

What did megacorporations in the early nineties? Same as always, trying to take over the world. The sticky tentacles of tightly entangled media space. Do not stay aside and our favorite video games.

It just so happened that the vast majority of games made under license and the means of the manufacturers of burgers, soda and chips were, to put it mildly, disposable and forgotten playing brethren faster than it was time to go. The more interesting it looks like our patient is the most striking exception to this sad rule.

Character Cool Spot was a symbol of pop "7 Up" in the early nineties: a red tablet with the arms and legs of Mickey mouse and grace MC hammer is the will of the designers came from the logo of the drink and went on a journey through the world of video games. Before us is the second most successful part of his adventure.

Play Cool Spot – clean as a tear, platformer. Collect the red pill, jump on the Islands, shoot the enemies with bubbles of soda; typing the required number of tablets, release his brother-twin, languishing in a cage, gaining slightly more than the minimum required, are sent off to the bonus level. In fact, everything. Rather, everything about the gameplay. And then the fun begins.

It just so happened that over the Cool Spot worked extraordinary people. Too extraordinary, to stern businessmen could zagrabiti another "grocery" game. The lead programmer as the original version for the Sega Genesis, and the port on the PC was David Perry, the future father of Earthworm Jim and MDK, is an icon and Messiah of the world of video games. Thanks to his passages on the keyboard Cool Spot could boast of excellent smooth animation and excellent performance. The second most famous personality, had to play a hairy paw, is Tommy Tallarico, composer and just a great talent. The music in the game is good: witty, addictive and gives what is happening on the screen the taste of Zen Buddhist tranquility mixed with an invigorating energy of summer.

"Cool" is translated from English as "cool" or "cool". The game is definitely cool. And at the same time, it is a cool inflamed after a rough day brain: a fascinating and simple gameplay, framed by excellent graphics and music (and these amazing Spokane coming when you take another pill!), immersed in the world of summer, children's happiness. And it's fucking great when the offspring surpasses the expectations of their parents and become let not a revolution, but a benchmark. The revolution will be, but in peacetime, need just such a game.

PS: If you still grates advertising background wonderful video games Cool Spot (although Russia advertising campaign with cablemodem glasses didn't hurt, because the feel of the game for the aunt Asya should not be), then run from the game directory file UKVER.BAT from the English version was removed almost all hints of pop-ancestor (just the face of the "7 Up" in England then was a man-a noodle Fido Dido).

Relive your old memories by playing Cool Spot free and online on your browser now.


Cool Spot

Virgin Games, Ltd., Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.
Virgin Games, Ltd.
Side view
Arcade, Platform