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Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter

Educational game released by Activision (UK) Limited in the year 1991 by the name Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter is an excellent Top-down perspective game that can be played online by clicking on the link here.

Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter description

The first and last computer game from an experienced developer of electronic maps and atlases, designed to teach players of all ages, and especially children's interest in geography in the form of entertainment – in other words, the alternative to the popular series about the adventures of the international criminal Carmen Sandiego. Our task is to, starting in one of the cities in the world, traveling to all the countries, searching for and returning to the starting point of different kind of artifacts of world history and culture – as a rule, competing in this matter with real or virtual competitor. If the result dry figures, that sometimes our purpose can be 206 cities in 175 countries (that is almost all that existed on the political map of the Earth in 1991), and the number of possible target object reaches four hundred, although for each batch can be traced only 15 of them.

In appearance and gameplay Bush Buck most like a Board game. Play best together with a friend on one computer or against an opponent-AI, which are respectively available here three difficulty levels – a funny and somewhat caricature the representatives of France (cartaway terribly obvious wit Pierre Legroup), Russia (rather chubby and a little more savvy young lady by the name of Natasha Deroski) and Switzerland or Germany (our main antagonist and the most experienced player Otto von Linkert). However, on the first two levels you can play in splendid isolation, although the pleasure from this process will be rather questionable in comparison with regular opportunities to enjoy the faces and sarcastic remarks of their competitors.

In the beginning of the game, we are given a list of five artifacts that you want to find, for example, "nest pink Pelican" or "reproduction of the Picasso Museum". Gameplay is implemented in step mode: during your turn you either organize a search of the artifact in the place where we are at present, or else depart by plane to another city – the number of available tickets to the "party" is limited (60 to 40, depending on difficulty level), and to get from each place only in neighboring towns, but not in more distant. While on the way to other cities it happens, and inclement weather, as we will immediately warn Department: to fly even in this case, but on your own risk – if the storm the aircraft will be forced to go back, we will lose the course and one ticket. But after the successful landing, we have a chance to find a in a new city an extra ticket – and even a hint on the subject of the location of one of the unknown artifacts (for example, "white pelicans spend the summer on the lake Prespa, which this country shares with Greece and Yugoslavia").

Of course, if you just know exactly where to look for the desired artifact, or were able to guess it from one of the obtained in the course of the game hints, choose the shortest route to the destination, because competitors are not asleep! – and then hurry him back to the starting point of our entire journey. For each detected object, tooltip or an unused ticket we get points (the exact number depends on the chosen difficulty level), but the greatest portion (as well as ten tickets) brings us the successful return of each of the artifacts (it is in perfect condition so, carrying valuables, try not to walk around the world and especially not to risk flying in bad weather). Once you (or your opponents) will find some of these early game items, the list will be new from the remaining ten (randomly selected among all the available game range mysterious cultural values). The winner in the end turns out to be the player with the most points after you have found all the artifacts in the "party" or when one or both players run out of moves – that is, tickets.

From the point of view of appearance is a big part of the graphics Bush Buck is a beautifully executed map of the world or specific States, cards of cities and some secondary screens of text and statistics, which look quite pleasing to the eye. Sound design is also quite varied, and during flights you and all will be accompanied by classical music. The educational element of the game is that upon arrival in each city, we're given a brief information about the country, its history, culture and geography – studying, and even memorizing the received data, it will be possible at times to think of the location of any object and without put in the story of the special tips.

Interface at first glance it may seem complicated at first but you get used to it quickly enough: in addition to the option of exiting the game or mute on the screen there is a button with a magnifying glass, which is responsible for the scaling of the map that part of the world where you are now, button, showing the city in this area, a list of objects that need to find a list of tips thereon, the indicator is the number of points remaining in our possession tickets and so on. A special interface element on the easiest level is the thermometer on the bottom left of the screen shows how close ("hot or cold"), we are from the city, where he gets any of the desired artifacts. Upon arrival at a city scale is completely filled and we get the existing object automatically. On "medium" difficulty level, the thermometer is replaced by an image of an eye – a visit to the city with a valuable thing within it no longer gives us the subject automatically: instead, the eye icon lights up, and need to click on it to search, at a cost of one ticket. Finally, when playing on hard difficulty the eye does not work in an indicator – but to push it is still necessary if you think that the artifact is in this city. In addition, when playing in company with Otto (or "live" player at this level) tips are shown only once: in the available for re-viewing the list, they are not saved, so be careful and train your memory!

In General, Bush Buck turns out to be pretty interesting and unique game – and not just for children any age. A large number are available for tracking down and accidentally elected items, many of which can seem mysterious, even a very educated player, as well as the opportunity to travel around cities and countries for a couple with a friend or a fun virtual personality, allow us to recommend this game as a good and interesting project from the "entertaining geography". And even already history – with all the changes that have occurred on the political map of the Earth after 1991.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter online for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Bush Buck: Global Treasure Hunter

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