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Boston Bomb Club

Do you think old video games are boring? Play Boston Bomb Club, it is a Top-down perspective game developed by Silmarils and released on DOS in 1991. You will then know that you were wrong.

Boston Bomb Club description

Psychedelic and twisted (another word to choose) option for computer Billiards.

Mad villains-scientists (by the way, the game is made in the style of England of the late nineteenth century) came up with his brutal entertainment: every week, they gather in an abandoned building to play a very special kind of Billiards. The table for him, only superficially resembling the familiar, turned their diabolical intelligence in some infernal mechanical labyrinth, as billiard balls are used by the real bombs, which wicks already lit. The goal of every scientist is to kill the opponents with these bombs and survive by himself.

In practice, this means that you must use a variety of mechanisms available on the table, to throw bombs in a safe place before they blow up, while trying to move other bombs closer to rivals who seek to do the same.

The game is divided into a number of levels, each level is a new table. After winning on one turn to another, with more mechanisms (and they are weirder), and the complexity much higher.

Very challenging game, perhaps even a kind of masterpiece of the genre puzzle, with plenty of black humour and huge potential for the development of thinking, but often nervous and tense, so that relaxation is not exactly suitable only for purposeful development.

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Boston Bomb Club

Action, Puzzle