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Battles in Time

When you have nothing to do on long weekends, then play Battles in Time released by Quantum Quality Productions in the year 1995. It is a Strategy/Tactics game that will make you eat your nails. Enjoy playing it here.

Battles in Time description

Strategy combining elements of global and tactical. The action takes place in the very distant future, where people mastered the technology of time travel, but achieved social peace and renounced war. But suddenly it became known that the Earth is approaching Armada of space ships of hostile aliens. Military equipment to repel them there, but no person possessing sufficient powers to lead the human troops. In the end, the candidate still is, and that candidate is you. But before the occupation Supreme commander, the government decides to send you a sequence of four different epochs of the past of humanity, that you thing able to prove that you can run in battle are completely different forces.

Campaigns in game five. The first four – mentioned different periods of human history, namely the prehistoric period, the heyday of the Roman Empire, the Second world war and just modernized our present (2025); and the fifth – directly to the battle to "play" this against the aliens. As already mentioned, the game has two modes.

The first mode of a global map, similar to a conventional wargame: fully turn-based gameplay, a roaming army in the field consisting of "hexes", each unit – limited number of movements on the course. The second mode is the tactical ("combat mode") is activated when two armies meet on the battlefield. Here we have an opportunity to see parts of the landscape and specific combat units (not contingent badges) that must be managed in real time; in this mode the top. Units depending on era, of course, different, but the diversity was incredibly low. Each type of troops there are both advantages and disadvantages, the specific type can be very effective in the battle with one type and completely useless in battle with another.

Specific objectives of the campaigns there, you just need to destroy enemy troops and capture the city, and – please note – all scenarios is limited in time and restricted very harshly. Interesting moments in the game is – for example, you can order the troops to "take refuge" in the ambush. On the other hand, there are some wildness, for example, obedient people dinosaurs in a prehistoric campaign, which by its power to surpass even the technique of the future. Graphically, everything done well, there are even some special effects at the battles of armies, but overall the rating for this game, despite its interesting story, will not be above average. Recommended primarily for collectors.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Battles in Time online for free here.


Battles in Time

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