African Raiders 01 Title Screen
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African Raiders 01

Great news for all the old video game lovers, now you can play the best Racing / Driving game, African Raiders 01 launched by Coktel Vision in the year 1989 again. Play it online now.

African Raiders 01 description

Racing simulator, but not simple, but very special – dedicated to the "African" part of the famous rally race "Paris-Dakar". This game, unlike many colleagues in the genre, there is even a clear time effect in 1989 (i.e. present at the time of the release date), the names of the drivers that we can afford to choose, coincide with the real rally that year. The route of the race runs through Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal, where it is terminated.

The game has "third person in the back", and machines in the environment and all pseudo! We can with some confidence say that this game is almost the most "powerful" in the technological race of the time.

The gameplay is not quite trivial and familiar. Remember, we're in Africa, and in North Africa, where lies the largest desert in the world – Sugar. Yes, there are roads where we're going (although it is very difficult to call this a road), but if we accidentally drive off of the road (and to go through the game without that is hardly possible), then get into sticky sand, out of which will be difficult.

There is a choice between "modes" "4x2" and "4x4", each of which has its pros and cons: for example, the second limited speed, but easier to get out of the Sands, in the ground opposite. In addition, if the "mode" of "4x4" crash into the column, marking the right way, it is only going to hurt your car, but in the "4x2" - it can carry (for obvious reasons).

The game allows you to control the transmission to move in reverse (done so skillfully that one is happy), the interface has a compass to determine the correct direction of drive, the constantly changing length of the already traversed path and the current (and changing too, of course) fuel. As a nice bonus we have the opportunity to jump in his car (!) in the desert and ride camels, if we can find them.

It is clear that this race – not single opponents a lot and they are very strong. And though we meet with them very often, but to do some meanness to each other is possible. And the final our goal is to win the rally, that is to reach the finish line first. The game is divided into five clear episodes (tracks, if you can call them that, from one city to another), and it is highly desirable to defeat each of them.

About the schedule has already been said, and add, in General, nothing. Racing games 1989 – just great. Different models of cars, a lot of beautifully animated screens depicting the starts, refueling, getting to the finish line, many funny scenes from the game itself. The landscapes on the backdrops drawn great, "Saharan vibe" is felt very strongly. And even the change of day and night – and that is.

Verdict – truly beautiful and unusual old race, play a game that every fan of the genre.

Enjoy playing African Raiders 01 online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


African Raiders 01

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