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Advanced Destroyer Simulator

Released in 1990 by Futura, Advanced Destroyer Simulator has an excellent Vehicular Combat Simulator experience. You can play in online now.

Advanced Destroyer Simulator description

According to many experts – the best of the existing simulation of naval battles during the Second world war, made in a pseudo-chart (!) and in real time.

We play for the UK (well at least not for the Germans). No fleet we have – only a single ship, but SOME Onslaught! Three great guns, eight torpedo tubes and even sonar to track the enemy. This monster is no flotilla is not needed!

Campaign in the game there is no – there are only three of the combat area: English channel, Sicily and the North sea off the coast of Norway. In each of these areas will give us five missions, which aim at the protection of convoys, patrols, search-and-destroy specific targets, the destruction of submarines and blocking the path of retreat of any enemy ship – that's all five tasks, identical in any of the regions.

However, the same (essentially quests) mission in a particular place is still somewhat different from those in another, in the first place – the size of the territory for "free exploration": the space game is pretty big, and you can swim in the waters available and, in the case of the detection pounichtozhat those vessels that are not designated as military targets. But keep in mind a number of missions (not all, but most) strictly limited in time.

The only "help" in the game is available is a map of the region, where we will perform the mission (unfortunately, not very well made). Otherwise, almost everything need to look and learn for yourself. Since this is no arcade game, and the most that neither is a realistic simulator, then here is appropriate. We manage the ship, I repeat, in real time, with the first person.

Battles with the enemies (and the enemies are always Germans) are mostly short, but challenging and furious. As a General principle, submarines by torpedoing fight with surface ships – with guns and torpedoes (it is logical), with the aircraft using only guns. It is clear that submarines first, you need to keep track of sonar. It is worth noting enough variety of enemy ships – among them are not only fighting (cruisers, torpedo boats, and many who do), but also transport and tankers (sometimes required to destroy for the secondary mission). You must also remember that planes (to fight which is the hardest) are only in the vicinity of enemy bases. We have, incidentally, also have their base during the mission, they will have to pay a visit often to refuel, replenish ammunition (Yes, in the game it all of course!) and, if necessary, to carry out emergency repairs of the ship.

The graphics are just amazingly good for a game of this genre: EGA supported, there are special effects, e.g. explosions or the time of the sinking of an enemy vessel, different types of browse (when we actually manage a ship or some sort of weapon – the view is always different, there is also a possibility of scaling through "binoculars") and many beautiful inserts (e.g., touching scene leaving his home port)... When this you see, is not very intuitive control even once forget, especially since it is still quite developed.

The result was announced at the very beginning is by far the best simulator of the warship during the Second world war, which is suitable not only fans of the subgenre, but to all lovers of old games. In conclusion, let me remind you that the British during the war, after all, we really helped themselves suffered from the Nazis, and one of the Soviet war posters in General was called the brotherly people, so you can play for valiant allies who stood with us shoulder to shoulder against the brown barbarians, definitely worth it.

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Advanced Destroyer Simulator

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