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A.J.’s World of Discovery

Talented and creative developer Coktel Vision released A.J.'s World of Discovery in the year 1992. The game was new, challenging and very engaging. Play it again online here.

A.J.’s World of Discovery description

Back in 1991 from under the wing Coktel Vision released the cult game Gobliiins, further added the two parts and caused the present furor among fans of quests. However, in the same 1991, with less noise, the light appeared a collection of children's A. J.'s World of Discovery, however, on the Atari ST platform (a year later occurred the porting to DOS). Today, when such unnoticed (or almost unnoticed) things are free, players all over the world can look at this "children's room" and warm the heart of familiar sounds, music and graphics that, like the genes of the parents betray its origin. So, friends, a collection of children's entertainment from Coktel Vision is now available in our trunk!

Let's start with the fact that the game looks bright enough, but for eyes is very comfortable: we have available one location with a nice house and plenty of objects and creatures around. Each object hides either a funny animation or mini-game: an analogue of arkanoid, racing on small cars, a variety of tasks with stickers (creation of faces, costumes and full-fledged paintings), mosaics, maths and English, coloring pages... Games do not count!

Directly on location, there are also many opportunities in a small garden you can grow flowers,or you can take a boat to watch the clever crow and its actions, in the form of a game to see the agenda, look at the life of the bird family, and the mother can send the worms to the Chicks. There are just various funny animations: for example, from the eyes of a house jump out the butterfly and the boy with soap bubbles, and the screen occasionally appear funny animals (bee, snail, duck and so on) that clicking on them is going to do something funny. Finally, in the game you can change the music!

Once A. J.'s World of Discovery was called almost the most beautiful and varied games of their time. And it's hard not to agree - even for an adult it hardly represents at least some interest, but children 4-6 years, may look and become a worthy addition to the collection. For our website it is such it has become!

Want to play A.J.’s World of Discovery online now, play it on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

A.J.’s World of Discovery

Action, Educational, Puzzle, Racing / Driving
Coktel Vision
Coktel Vision